Friday, August 20, 2010

Musical Rooms!

We're changing rooms around again!
Every time there is some family change, it always seems to be accompanied by a game of musical rooms.
#1 is in Ethiopia, #2 is embedded in another dark and dust filled continent.(...ok, it was our tv room & now his bedroom) #3 has moved out so #4 who used to room with #3 decided she wanted #6 to room with her.
So #7 moved out of his room and took over the room that #5 & #6 used to share and #5 took over #7's old room!

Movings beds, desks, a million stuffed to the brim totes, mounds of clothes and 5.78 tons of toys (what was Santa thinking?) took us the better part of two days, along with dusting, vaccuming and lots and lots of yelling!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Spent the day before my birthday at Dash point relaxing all day and then watching a beautiful
sunset there. Reminds me of the summers I took the kids. It seemed so hectic when they were all small
but I kind of miss them.............a little!
I loved holding a sleeping sunkissed baby in my arms while they napped on the innertube with me.
The waves would lull them right asleep and I would usually end up getting sunburnt while I covered them up with my wet shirt I wore over my suit

I love Dash Point.