Monday, November 2, 2015

11/2/2015 All Soul's Day

Today I am thankful for:

+ Mondays - I have no work on Monday so I stay in bed reading for as long as possible.
+ My oldest son, for calling us up to join him at our little cemetery in town to pray for the faithful departed.
+ My little grandbabies who make me so happy to visit with them, but also so happy I don't have babies at home anymore!
+ Torrential downpours when I am safe and dry inside my house

Today I am praying for:
+My high school friend who lost her daughter to CF - My friend is the strongest woman I know, and I am so thankful she is sharing her feelings about this journey of sorrow she is on.
+All my deceased family and friends and also for all people who have no one left to remember to pray for them
+For J and J, may he overcome all his challenges and may J be his reason for triumphing over his cross.

Today I am reading:

+ Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs - Actually I am re-reading it in advance of this new book, the 3rd in the series, that just came out. I really likes Mrs. Peregrine, but the 2nd book, Hollow City, was hard to follow. I'm hoping that a re-reading of both of them will answer some questions.
It's about a young man's coming of age amidst death and a fantasmical ( real word, no lie!! :-)  ) journey to another dimension/world filled with danger, more death and love. It's funny in parts, especially when describing his fellow "peculiars" but it's also sad, especially the children in the home, caught in a horrible continual repeat of the last day of their lives. And when it all falls apart, it seems like that was the least of their fears.

Today I am looking toward: 
+ The holidays! Crafts, baking, shopping, music, the joy of family.
+ Snow? Please?
+ A Christmas time trip to Spokane with a visit to the Davenport hotel to see all the beautiful decorations and a visit across the street to Bruttles to see all the beautiful chocolates!

Today I am remembering:
+ How much I used to enjoy my job, and Sundays. To go to Mass and know that I belonged somewhere. My boss/friend/spiritual director was reassigned and I feel cheated, betrayed and at a loss with how to move forward. I told him as he said goodbye, that as an Army Brat (he is a navy Brat!) I am used to saying goodbye. It's funny, I raged in the car all the way home that day, and I thought I got it out of my system, but I didn't.  But I will, I always do. Time heals so many wounds, we'll find a rhythm in our new parish and who knows, we might even find a few friends! But I will never ever ever find a boss as fun Fr. Maurer is. Trekkie, gaming geek, computer nerd and one of the most reverent priests who ever was too scared to watch The Walking Dead!

Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/15 Memorial Day

5/25/15 Memorial Day 

Today I am thankful for:
+ Cloudy mornings and warm beds for sleeping in late
+ Music from the Walking Dead
+ Wind chimes my son made for me 
+ Most of all, I am thankful for all the brave men and women who gave their lives defending the ideal of Freedom

Today I am praying for: 
+  For Misty who is on her way to heaven soon after a valiant fight.....but God willing not just yet.
+  For Adrian, and his family as a 2nd summer begins without him. May his family,and his friends continue to heal and the terrible memories of that day fade and be replaced with memories of joy and happiness when they were in his company.
+   For peace, that people realize their brotherhood with each other, under our Father in heaven
+  For all the dead, through all the wars, that we start valuing life more and more each day.

May all the souls of the faithful departed, 
through the mercy of God, 
rest In Peace

Today I am reading:
+   Resistance: A Frenchwoman's Journal of the War by Agnes Humbert & Barbara Mellor 
Very interesting book to read before our trip. I am going to be reading many that will enrich our visit to Paris, Normandy and London - we are such history nuts!

 Paris I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down by Rosecrans Baldwin

Funny, but a little odd too. Can't quite figure out if I like it yet

+ London 1945: Life in The Debris of War  by Maureen Waller
I've just looked at the pictures in the middle of the book so far (don't judge! :-) I think it's geared towards after the war and how they picked up the pieces and moved on. I was hoping for more about the day to day surviving in London during the war, but I may give it a shot.

Today I am looking toward: 
+ Our trip to Paris in July 2015

Today I am remembering:
+  My father, Major C.L. Bahm Jr